Thinking of selling your home without a Realtor

Have you had thoughts of selling your home on your own?  We know it's a tough job, trying to sell on your own, so we wanted to give a few quick tips to all of the "by owner" home sellers out there - to get your home sold for the highest amount, in the least amount of time.

1.  The first thing to consider is preparation.  If your home's components (even the little ones) functioning?  Is your home neat, clean, and well staged?  Does your home cosmetically appeal to a wide array of buyers?  We have discovered in our experience that it is often the little things that sell homes, so make sure all of those small details are taken care of!

2.  It goes without saying, but you have to price your home appropriately.  Know the comparables that have sold recently, and know the market that you are in.  We are currently in a shifting market, so prices that worked 6 months ago, may not work right now.  

3.  The last tip is to know the transaction.  There are a lot of moving parts, so be sure to know how to choose the best buyer, the steps of the transaction, the municipal requirements, and the documents you will need.

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