CONNECTIONPhone calls to check in, a quick stop by the house to visit, a pie at Thanksgiving to share with your family, talking about your dream home over coffee.  We believe in real, lifelong relationships, and honest-to-goodness care for our clients, long after closing.


COMMUNITYJust like the small towns where we grew up, we believe in building a sense of community where we live and work.  Love local businesses, give back to help those in need, and always be a source of positivity in our community.

SERVICEA handwritten note just to say hello, professional staging to help you get your home ready, a call to make sure you're feeling good with the next steps in the process, or a bottle of wine to help with packing.  We believe it’s often the little things that sell houses, and often the small gestures layered over time that build excellent customer service.

LIFELONG LEARNING – Education is so, so important to us, and we love sharing our knowledge and experience with pretty much anyone who will listen!  We do this so that we can help those in our community make smart real estate decisions.  We also believe in lifelong learning for our company – always growing and improving the service and care we give to our customers!