Clark The Shark

I have to be honest...home schooling is sometimes a struggle.  Trying to manage a household and a full time job before COVID 19 struck was struggle enough, not to mention heaping on top home schooling two young kiddos.  Anyone with me??

Anytime I feel overwhelmed I sit down and try to take a good look at where the pain point is coming from.  What is causing the problem?  I realized that most of the struggle was that my youngest child didn't have enough to keep her busy during her school time, and she was becoming a distraction to my oldest.  So, I decided to sit down and create an engaging lesson for her and found an awesome little story called "Clark the Shark"!

I have to put the disclaimer out there, that I am not an elementary teacher, so I'm not sure how true to the "standards" this lesson is, but it was so much fun, and it taught her some math and phonics along the way, so it's gotta be ok, right??  I know there are other moms and dads out there struggling to come up with things to do with their kiddos, so I just wanted to share.  

Please also feel free to share this lesson with anyone else you know needs it!!  We'll get through this together!!

Download your printable here!